It was announced yesterday 8/11/2021 that the Elons project will be slowly running down. Many factors played a role in this such as the forever changing ZWAP rewards system, the cost to maintain the project and the development needed to maintain the project.

Currently the team behind Elons is running…

Update on the Elons token circulation and distribution.

The Elons tokenomics have been under speculation for a while now, with the token itself not being seen as decentralised with more then 530 Elons being held in the team wallet.

To rectify the decentralisation problem we are going to slowly introduce 34 Elons into the circulation supply. We will burn 400 Elons and place 100 into a reserve for future art works and development.

The total supply of the Elons project will be 600 tokens with 500 in circulation from 01/10/2021.

We hope this answers the questions of decentralisation, and make Elons more accessible to all users.

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Token Information-


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Summer is nearly here, and we have big news developing.

April has been a wonderful month for the Zillacracy, with projects hitting their milestones and new exciting projects coming out of the woodwork.

Below are some exciting updates with the mention of few new projects to tease.

Zillacracy Educational Platform

We’re nearing the release of the educational platform with the first beta testers…

Andy Little

Freelance crypto writer and promotor. Always looking for new opportunities and projects to work with.

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